Be an office Jedi Master

November 3, 2017

I thought I would share some psychological techniques I am familiar with as a professional magician but adapted to give you all an edge in the office or socially down the pub.

But, please use your new Jedi powers responsibly!

1. A warm handshake gives people a positive impression, whereas a cold handshake is very off-putting. Wear gloves.

2. If you`re worried someone in a meeting is going to challenge/criticise you or your work, go and sit next to them. Whilst instinctively you might prefer to stay away from them, people are normally afraid of conflict especially with those nearby. Sitting next to someone will considerably dilute the likelihood of them calling you out on something.

3. Writers, artists and public policy makers know of the “Power of THREE”, namely the human brain responds better, and will commit to memory, things listed in threes. If you want someone to remember something, break it down into three simple instructions and they will struggle to forget! – this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

4. Therapists and Solicitors use this next technique as much as stage magicians, and that is silence. If someone gives you an unsatisfactory answer to a question just remain silent whilst maintaining eye contact, they will fill the gap by continuing to talk and thus reveal more. Stop them when you get the answer you wanted.

5. When the lift/train/office door opens and there are people bustling to get in and out. Simply stand your ground for second whilst maintaining a friendly smile. The crowds will calmly part for you. Sounds crazy, but try this and you`ll be laughing inside at how easy it is.

6. The direction of people’s feet is a key indicator of their engagement in any situation. If you approach two people to talk to them, and they face you but don`t move their feet they are waiting for you to leave. equally in a one-to-one conversation if someone’s feet are not pointing at you, they are desperately wanting to end the conversation – and remember people may be looking where your feet are pointing!

7. When people laugh they instinctively want to share that feeling and will always look first to those that they are closest to (emotionally not physically). So if you want to know who is sleeping with who in the office, just tell your best joke and watch where they look.

8. Asking people for small favours and immediately thanking them upon completion will train their brain to want to help you out further.  If you need a yes to a big favour, perhaps someone to cover you for an impromptu day off, start asking for smaller favours now and get them geared up for compliance.

9. Mirroring someone’s speech and mannerisms (keep it cool and subtle) will make them trust you and like you much more.

10. When you meet someone for the first time take a note of, and remember, their eye colour. Don`t tell them you’re doing this, that may come across as creepy, but this process will ensure you are giving them plenty of eye contact, and give them the confidence you are listening. They will consider you charming. Use their name unprompted the next time you meet and you’ve just made an ally for life.


If you`d like to see me use these techniques (and a few others) for entertainment only then do get in touch here!

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